并坦率地说, you can’t get half way through the list of ingredients on your lotion before running across a word you can’t even pronounce. 幸运的是, 在这个世界上,有一大堆讨厌的, 长音节的化学物质已经侵入了你的美容体系, 保罗和佩吉·利伯支持你. This is the story of how they founded 皇家实验室 Natural Cosmetics – with a single mixer, 一个梦想, 以及创造奇迹的意志.

皇家实验室 Natural Cosmetics formulates products for hundreds of companies worldwide, 其中许多都是你知道并每天使用的名牌. 如果你的化妆品是天然或有机产品, 可能是皇家实验室在约翰斯岛制造的, 南卡罗来纳.  

佩吉·利伯在厄瓜多尔的一个偏远地区长大, 自然疗法是日常健康的一部分. “对我来说,从自然中创造东西很容易,”佩吉解释道. “Growing up, I saw 和 experienced first-h和 the healing power of plants, herbs, 和 flowers.佩吉13岁时,全家搬到了康涅狄格州. 在他们的镇上,保罗的家族拥有一家健康食品店. 一天,他们的手擦过了两磅有机大豆. 这两个人是灵魂伴侣,这是很适合这种情况的.

保罗和佩吉·利伯 met as teenagers at Paul's parents' health foods store in Waterbury, 康涅狄格.
创始人Paul Lieber照片 & 首席执行官
保罗对健康的好奇 & nutrition started at an early age while working at his parents’ health food store in CT.

This was the ‘70s, when aerosol hairspray was king 和 nothing about your mauve lipstick was natural. 本质上是个纯粹主义者, Paul recognized that the personal care industry needed more products containing natural ingredients.  “I would read the labels on the ‘natural’ skin care products in our health food store 和 find that the majority of their ingredients weren’t actually natural,”保罗解释说. “Sure they contained some botanicals, but they were far from healthy.” As a health advocate 和 someone to whom his customers would look for recommendations on healthful products, 保罗是矛盾.

21岁的时候, 和新婚, the couple began research 和 development for a natural cosmetics line.  For their time, they might have well announced intents to stroll around the Sun. “我们的父母认为我们疯了,因为我们确实疯了 做一些没人关心的事情 大概是在那个时候,”保罗回忆道. But the couple was curious about the natural world around them: how some plants were able to stay green for so long; how different natural extracts interacted; 和 how nature could be used to preserve youth. 

带着梦想,永远一起努力, 一克规模, 还有佩吉父母捐赠的搅拌器, 保罗和佩吉创立了皇家天然化妆品实验室, 并开发了他们的第一个皮肤护理系列, 香气贝拉. 

皮肤美容师的职业, Peggy opened a skin care clinic 和 spa where she used 香气贝拉 products during facial treatments, providing her with the opportunity to receive immediate feedback on the effects that her products had on various skin types.  “We knew that getting direct feedback from people was the best way to see, 随着时间的推移, 如何使用天然成分改善皮肤,”佩吉回忆. “当时没有案例研究. 没有标准. 我们是完全未知领域的先驱, 和 so it became our mission to figure out how to bring natural into the mainstream.” 

“我们知道这一点,因为我们的产品是天然的, we had to work even harder to achieve the results of mass market luxury products,”佩吉解释说. 

“我们的产品正在与有毒的颜色竞争, 丙二醇, 挂钩, 茶, 苯甲酸脂类, 和苯氧乙醇, to name just of a few of the questionable ingredients that give conventional skin care products that ‘feel good’ factor.”

在大众市场的乳液, 例如, silicones are widely used to help give a silky smooth feel – to give the impression of supple, 水化皮肤. “我们的规则很简单:如果bst365老牌体育性目标是保湿, then our aim is to reach that goal without compromising the integrity of ingredients, 也不是整体享受的体验.

By creating products that could appeal to mass-market expectations, the Liebers knew they were positioned to achieve a bigger picture goal: to build a legacy of natural living.  “Synthetic 和 toxic ingredients in personal care products negatively impact not only our immune systems, 还有我们的河流和海洋, 指出佩吉. “不增加 this problem is a personal goal that I strive to achieve every time I put on my lab coat.”

1986年,这对夫妇爱上了美国南部查尔斯顿的魅力 全家去卡罗莱纳度假.  实现他们的梦想在任何地方都可行, 他们收拾好行李,把三个孩子搬到了基瓦岛.  “最重要的是,我们想 健康的生活方式 查尔斯顿确实体现了我们的价值观.”

到2000年,绿色运动开始兴起,皇家实验室也是如此.  通过这一次, 了解对羟基苯甲酸酯的有害影响, SLS, 邻苯二甲酸盐, 和 other chemicals used often in mainstream personal care products began rising to the surface.  “我们就在那里等着赶上浪潮,”佩吉解释说.  不仅如此,还有我们 是否远远领先于其他配方商 谁还没有发现如何制造真正的天然产品. Our vision, 和 our commitment to that vision, positioned us to lead the way.”

上图:深泡糖磨砂膏. 利伯斯和皇家实验室收购了优质沐浴和身体品牌, 深陡, 谁获得了健康的忠实追随者 & 有环保意识的消费者.

Throughout the years, the Liebers have created their own in-house br和s, including their flagship, 深陡,豪华的浴室收藏 & body care products that feature high quality botanicals, fragrances, 和 natural ingredients. “Our br和s are an expression of the level of quality we have been able to attain in our formulations,佩吉说:“. “We use them, our children use them, 和 our gr和children use them.”

The Liebers work from the dream campus they built for 皇家实验室 in 2005.  坐落在16英亩郁郁葱葱的土地上, complete with an on-site luxury day spa – the Cottage 香气贝拉 – 和 an 80,000 sq. ft. FDA/USDA registered laboratory, Labs is capable of producing millions of units per year.

“全球, ‘natural’ 和 ‘organic’ are the fastest growing segments of the cosmetics industry – by far,佩吉说:“. “People are looking for ways to take better care of themselves, 和 that’s very exciting for us.”

“The more that people become educated about the ingredients in their personal care products, 他们就越要求产品的清洁和安全,”保罗说. “作为世界级的制造商, we believe that we have a responsibility to set an example for how making natural more mainstream can benefit everyone.”

But as a couple who revolutionized the cosmetics industry – without even realizing it – Paul 和 Peggy 和 remarkably humble.  毕竟, 这是一对擦过手的情侣应该有的样子, 从此过上了幸福的生活, 在大豆.



Stringent maintenance programs are in place for all manufacturing machinery, 冷却和加热系统, 水表, 叉车, 和清洗设备, 确保运营效率.

A Green Cleaning System reduces the amount of chemicals needed to clean 和 sanitize production areas.

All paper used in our Graphics Department is reused by other departments.



不使用时, 所有自助餐厅的灯光, 会议室, 客厅, 洗手间也关了.

Heating/cooling thermostats are programmed to use less energy during nights 和 weekends, 拯救~ 2,每年排放的二氧化碳高达000磅.

皇家实验室 is certified Cruelty-Free, never testing on animals 和 never using animal products.

A pathway rich with foliage 和 native plants lines a pathway leading to the Cottage 香气贝拉 Spa.